DynaWeb is an e-maintenance solution to future sustainable industrial and societal challenges

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What's new?

Future challenges are
  • Sustainable development in industry and the society
  • Energy saving
  • Human safety and risk management
  • Reliability and availability
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Global actors

There are new technological possibilities helping to meet the challenges such as

  • Integrated low cost microsensors
  • Wireless communication
  • Mobile communication - PDA
  • Advanced software structures - ontology
  • Diagnostics and prognostics
  • Decision support methods
  • Internet


DYNAMITE is the abbreviation for “Dynamic Decisions in Maintenance”

DYNAMITE is a European joint research and development project running 2005-2009 within the European Union 6th Framework Programme.

DYNAMITE has created new technological solutions to meet the future challenges.

DYNAMITE is the project that created DynaWeb.

DYNAMITE created, developed and demonstrated in industrial use the DynaWeb platform including 28 novel hardware and software components as an advanced e-maintenance solution.

DYNAMITE includes new solutions for smart tags (RFID), MEMS maintenance sensor platform, on-line lubricant monitoring, mobile handheld maintenance computer (PDA), wireless communication, condition monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics, cost effectiveness decision support, web services - all integrated to DynaWeb utilising same basic machinery condition data.

DYNAMITE offers a vision to the future - an advanced e-maintenance solution for industry and transportation.

What is e-maintenance?

E-maintenance has been defined as:

"The network that integrates & synchronises the various maintenance & reliability applications to gather & deliver asset information where it is needed" (Baldwin, 2001).

E-maintenance answeres to questions:

  • What: Which equipment needs maintenance?
  • When: When is the maintenance needed?
  • Who: Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
  • How: Manuals, spare part availability

Future e-maintenace vision

Machinery condition in plants and transportation is well under control and disturbances are predicted.

Key elements in e-maintenace

  • Multitude of cheap and reliable microsensors
  • Distributed and hierarchical intelligent signal processing
  • Knowledge based automatic diagnostics and prognostics
  • Wireless Man-Machine-Device-System communication
  • Web based integrated semantic network and generating natural communication between actors
  • Automatic cost effective optimisation based decision support for operational and strategic business decisions
  • Internet based web services

  DynaWeb is an advanced solution for cost effective equipment reliability and availability. Click DynaWeb Concept and Components bottoms to the left for more detailed technical information.  


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